10 things that the world desperately needs.

Looking at the news and newspapers makes you think that something is really really wrong with our world, isn’t? So here are top 10 things that the world desperately needs more of, so that we become a happy place to live in, and not a miserable place to die in.

1. Ways to get out of the “friend-zone”:

All those who internally said, “Ye toh definitely chaiye!”, I hear you.

2. One more Rajnikanth:

Two is any day better than one.

3. Dogs:

Because, WHY NOT?

4. Longer sleep time, shorter office hours:

Think of all the time we could spend sleeping (and doing other things *wink wink*). Zzzzz.

5. Lesser haunting Mondays:


6. Old cartoon network:

DeeDee and Dexter, Courage the cowardly dog, Powerpuff Girls, Jhonny Bravo!

7. Artists:

The kind of people who find art in heartache. They view things in a different way and to be honest, looking at how our world is turning out, we need people who can beautify, who can find roses in the thorns.

8. No boundaries:

A world without boundaries is a dream, but would indeed be beautiful.

9. People who are a little less self absorbed:

Certainly yes! .

10. Offline zones:

Remember spending a day without your phone/laptop?
Me neither.

What say?

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